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Motor Vehicle Dealers & Sales Finance Companies

Motor Vehicle Dealer

This License is required of any person selling three or more motor vehicles on a non-cash basis at retail in any year.

Sales Finance Company

This License is required of any person who is engaged, in whole or in part, in the business of purchasing retail installment contracts from one or more retail sellers.  This License is also required of any person whom is engaged, in whole or in part, in the business of creating or holding motor vehicle retail installment contracts exceeding a total aggregate outstanding indebtedness of $50,000.  This License also includes any company commonly known as a title lender that allows consumers to borrow money based on the equity in their automobiles.

License Requirements
License Renewals
Forms and Fees
Laws, Rules, Substantive Policy Statements & Regulatory Alerts

You may submit documents to AzDFI electronically using AzDFI’s encrypted message service. You must ensure that you have a current Electronic Submission Agreement on file with AzDFI before using the service.

AzDFI Encrypted Message Service Instructions
AzDFI Encrypted Message Service

Inquiries concerning the preparation and filing of License and renewal applications with the Department should be directed to the Licensing Division at 602-771-2800 Option #2 or e-mail at .  For more detailed contact information, see the “Contact Us” tab.

 Requirements for License

If you are applying for a Motor Vehicle Dealer license from both the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions and the Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division, then you will need to submit a completed motor vehicle dealer license application to ADOT.  If you already hold a MVD license with ADOT and are now applying for a MVD license with AZDFI, or if you are only applying for a Sales Finance Company license with AZDFI, then you will need to submit a completed application package along with the applicable fees directly to AZDFI.

License Renewal

Motor Vehicle Dealers and Sales Finance Companies licensed by AZDFI are required to submit their renewal applications along with the applicable renewal fees to AZDFI on or before their annual license continuance date.

Forms and Fees

Application Fees and Forms for Motor Vehicle Dealer and Sales Finance Companies
Arizona Revised Statues §6-126 et seq. & 44-282

The following nonrefundable fees are payable to the department with the filing of the following applications:




New Application - Motor Vehicle Dealer

Do not send any AZDFI licensing fees to ADOT.  All AZDFI licensing fees are to be sent directly to AZDFI.


New Application - Sales Finance Company


Branch Office Application -   Motor Vehicle Dealer


Branch Office Application -   Sales Finance Company


License Renewal - Motor Vehicle Dealer


License Renewal - Sales Finance Company

$200.00 for each branch

Address Change


Name Change
To change the licensee name on a financial institution or enterprise license, two hundred fifty dollars.


Change of Control/Ownership change (“COC”)


Officer Change


License Surrender


Duplicate License
To issue a duplicate or replace a lost enterprise's license, one hundred dollars.


Laws, Rules, Substantive Policy Statements & Regulatory Alerts

Arizona Revised Statutes

Chapter 2.1


Article 1

In General




Licensing of sales finance companies and dealers required; penalty


Denial, suspension or revocation of licenses


Requirements and prohibitions as to retail installment contracts


Contents of contract


Insurance provisions of contract


Delinquent contract; recovery; transfer fees; blank spaces in contract


Amount of payments; waiver of remedies


Computation of interest; prepayment rebate; additional charges; secondary motor vehicle finance transaction; definitions


Motor vehicle; refinancing retail installment contract





Arizona Administrative Code Title 20

Substantive Policy Statements
ARTICLE 1. General Administration

Regulatory Alerts
Regulatory Alert SF-13-01


It is the policy of AZDFI to select the most effective and efficient methods of conducting examinations so that significant risks affecting safety and soundness, as well as substantive statutory compliance, can be identified and, if necessary, appropriate supervisory action taken.  Judgment must be utilized to ensure that necessary procedures are performed and ineffective activities are avoided.

The examination fee in accordance with A.R.S. 6-125 is not more than sixty-five dollars per hour for each examiner.  The assessment late penalty is fifty dollars for each day after the thirty day period the enterprise fails to remit the assessment not to exceed the examination assessment amount.

Pursuant to A.R.S. 6-122(D) examination frequency is at the Superintendent’s discretion.

For questions concerning examination of your company or license, please contact the Financial Enterprise Division at 602-771-2777 or e-mail to