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The Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (“AZDFI”) regulates State-chartered banks, State-chartered credit unions, advance fee loan brokers, , appraisal management companies,  certified residential appraisers, collection agencies, commercial mortgage brokers and bankers, consumer lenders, debt management companies, escrow agents, loan originators, licensed residential appraisers, money transmitters, mortgage brokers and bankers, temporary appraisers, premium finance companies, pre-need funeral trusts, property tax agents, sales finance companies, secondary sales finance companies, supervisory appraisers, registered trainee appraisers, trust companies, trust divisions and savings and loan associations. You can use our Look up a Licensee feature, which utilizes our database of financial institutions and enterprises, if you are not sure if the entity with which you are dealing is licensed or regulated by AZDFI. Please read the FAQ’s for filing a complaint for more information before you submit a complaint form.

If you have a complaint against an appraisal management company, certified residential appraiser, licensed residential appraiser, non-residential temporary appraiser, property tax agent, supervisory appraiser or a registered trainee appraiser, please click here for instructions on how to file a complaint and the complaint form.

Please note that the Division’s ability to take action with respect to a particular complaint is limited to situations where there is an apparent violation of those laws subject to its jurisdiction. In such cases, the Division can pursue administrative remedies, injunctive relief through the office of the Attorney General or refer the matter for criminal prosecution. AZDFI cannot provide legal advice or representation, but represents the public by enforcing laws designed to protect the public from misleading or unlawful practices by state regulated financial institutions or enterprises. If you have questions concerning your personal legal rights or responsibilities, you should contact a private attorney.

The Consumer Affairs Division also investigates complaints filed against individuals or companies suspected of engaging in unlicensed activities. Persons conducting business without the proper license are of a great concern to AZDFI. If you suspect that you have been a victim of a financial institution or enterprise that does not have a license to conduct business in Arizona and it is one of the license types above, we encourage you to fill out a complaint form.


Who to Contact Regarding a Complaint Not Regulated by AZDFI

In most cases AZDFI does not regulate banks or credit unions with a name that includes the word “federal”, “FCU” “National.” or “N.A.” which are regulated by the Federal Government or banks and credit unions regulated by another state agency but doing business in Arizona. In addition, AZDFI does not regulate timeshares, loan modifications for property outside of Arizona, credit card companies, title insurance claims, credit reporting companies,motor vehicle dealers or GAP insurance. Please see the Other Regulator Referral List for more information on filing a complaint on an entity not regulated by AZDFI.

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